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The Story So Far

How did the Aldingbourne, Barnham and Eastergate Community Land Trust begin?

In February 2018, a public meeting determined wide support for setting up a CLT. As a result, the Aldingbourne, Barnham & Eastergate (ABE) Community Land Trust was formed in March 2018, and achieved legal incorporation as the ABE CLT in 2019.


The CLT has since been looking at providing affordable housing for our local community.

What is the ABE CLT's purpose?

We want to help make our community stronger by enabling families to remain living close to relatives, friends and support networks, and for workers to live close to their place of employment. Where we cannot secure ownership of homes, we will seek nomination rights to secure the same objectives.

The CLT can also help the community by developing other facilities such as a shop, pub, village hall or green.


The first use of our local allocation scheme was in 2023, when priority to people with a strong local connection was given for 22 of the 71 properties delivered by - and in agreement with - Southern Housing at Woodgate (see photo on front of this leaflet). The CLT acknowledges also the valuable support of Arun District Council. Early tenants were very pleased with both the CLT process and the quality of their new homes.

More information

You can find out more information by clicking the following links and in our News section.

Aldingbourne, Barnham and Eastergate Community Land Trust - Results of Housing Needs Survey November 2019


Follow our progress

For regular updates, please see our News section.

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