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Let Us Know Your Housing Need

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The Community Land Trust (CLT) for Aldingbourne, Eastergate and Barnham is inviting local residents or people working locally who cannot find somewhere affordable to live locally, to let them know what kind of accommodation they need.


Wings Wood in Woodgate is a collaborative effort between us (the ABE CLT), Arun District Council, Aldingbourne Parish Council, and Thakeham. In 2023, we were given the allocation rights to 22 of the properties offered for rent in Phase 1 of the development.

Via Arun District Council, we are still accepting applications for homes both in Wings Phase 2 and for any CLT properties that are re-let in the future on either site. To register your interest, please complete the online form on Arun District Council's website:

We expect that further affordable housing for local people is likely to come forward in future.

We want to identify and prioritise the needs of local residents of Aldingbourne, Barnham & Eastergate parishes, which means hearing from you and getting your views.  

Housing Needs

  • Have your children had to leave the Parish because of the lack of social housing?

  • Do you have family members who want to return to the area?

  • Do you have ‘employed workers’ that cannot find accommodation in the Parish?

  • Do you need to care for a less able relation?

  • Do you need to downsize?

  • Do you need sheltered accommodation?

  • How big is your household?

If you have a housing need, tell us about it now so we can plan for the future.

Contact: or complete an Expression of Interest Form.

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