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Become a member of the Aldingbourne, Barnham & Eastergate Community Land Trust

The Aldingbourne, Barnham & Eastergate Community Land Trust is a membership body. By becoming a member you can play your part in developing an innovative and creative solution to our community’s housing needs.


Members elect the CLT board of trustees and will receive periodic updates and invites to the Annual General Meetings of the CLT, which take place once a year. You can become a member by filling in a form and making a small donation of £1.

Are there other ways I can help?

If you have time to give or skills relevant to the work of the CLT, you may want to consider offering to join the board of trustees or volunteering in other ways:

  • We are currently looking for people to fulfil a number of roles. Please speak to one of our representatives or contact us to find out more.

  • The board of trustees currently consists mainly of residents from Aldingbourne. We would also like to recruit residents from Barnham and Eastergate, so that the board is truly representative of all three parishes.

  • If you own land which you might consider donating or selling to the CLT, please let us know.

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